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Reading Activities

Study Letters

Knowing letter names is strongly related to children's ability to remember the forms of written words and their ability to treat words as sequences of letters

Games & Fun

Games are a fun way to introduce a new word or even correct their spelling. Encourage your child to play games like Scrabble or other word games.


Music is a great way to introduce children to sounds and words. Singing encourages a child to express their emotions and sharpens their ability to communicate while exercising lip and tongue movement.

Reading Corner

Create a reading corner for your child by using a bean bag, big pillows, a large soft blanket and place a small book shelf or book stand in the corner. Encourage your child to choose one of the books and sit on the bean bag or snuggle in the pillows and blanket and read.

Letter Art

Drawing and colouring of letter and words can be an easy fun way to encourage your child to learn and read different words. Ask your child to draw a different word each day or to colour in a different word and ask them to say that word back to you.

Children’s Magazines

There are countless amounts of magazines for children, encourage your child to read the newspapers and magazines and then share the news and stories with others. This will improve the child's memorizing ability and vocabulary skills.

Fun Activities

Make activities fun and enjoyable, so it doesn't seem like your child is in a class room

Safe For Children

All the activities are safe for children of all ages to do on a daily basis


Try to include family members as much as you can in your child's reading

Information & Products

Below you will find our latest articles and products to help your child with their reading activities


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