Get ready for reading

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Get ready for reading!

Introduce books to your toddler and you will be sowing the perfect seeds for the future!  Children can be introduced to colorful picture books from their first birthday. If you make the books easily accessible, don’t be surprised to walk into the nursery at the end of your toddler’s name, to find them sitting in their cot, engrossed in their book!

Toddlers love to explore and learn about the world around them and as soon as they can string some words together, one of their first phrases will be a question- ‘why mummy/daddy/nana?’  What better way to introduce them to so many different topics, than through books.

Get ready for reading

At this age, it is a good idea to have three or four cardboard picture books-  with just a few words- on different familiar themes such as home, the farmyard, shopping, and the beach. At this stage, you are laying the foundations for a great reading future for your child and to ensure that they have the necessary skills for their first days at school.

Sharing a book together for a short period each day is very special and something you can both enjoy. Suggesting you read a book together can change the tempo dramatically if your toddler seems to be getting overactive or emotional – which is a common occurrence as they are learning their own limitations, as you have to do too! Snuggling up together in an armchair is the perfect way to soothe such situations and is also a good way to get your child relaxed ready for their nap. Bedtime storytelling has been a firm favorite with parents for generations for just this reason!

Get ready for reading

Choose fun books with realistic-looking illustrations and talk with your child about what they can see on each page; asking them questions about the numbers of animals portrayed, their colors, is the sky blue or cloudy, etc. If a child is shown, point out their various items of clothing and encourage your toddler to show you theirs! If you know a nursery rhyme that is perfect for a certain illustration, why not sing it together! Sometimes, toddlers are not interested in books, so it is best to try looking at one together, just once a week. Finding a book on a subject that particularly interests them like diggers, fire engines or water can work wonders in capturing their imagination! 

Introducing your toddler to books is really beneficial for so many reasons:

* Your toddler will hear and learn many new words and phrases and you can make this fun by introducing lots of different sounds too!

* Their vocabulary will be really enriched as they learn colors, shapes, sounds, numbers, weather, and seasons.

* They will start describing different items as they learn new words to describe size, smell, and touch.

* Your toddler will start to learn about words and you can teach them that they are made of different sounds.

* As they get older you can show your toddler the different letters and teach them their alphabet. You will be surprised and delighted at how quickly they start to recognize certain words.

Make reading fun and lead by example! Let your toddler see you having a quiet five minutes read and suggest they do the same. Give your toddler a special place to keep their books, which is easily accessible to them, and always pop a book in their cot so they can look at it when they wake. Make reading fun and you will soon find that enjoying books and reading is very infectious!

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